Know Us
We are Studio KD. We are a group of new age design thinkers. For us design spells transformation. And we see transformation as a stage that begins with process, proceeds to development and ends with the selling of a product. We are high on emotional intelligence and that is how we help brands emote. We capture and filter consumer needs and create quality products and services to compliment them.
As design thinkers we believe in taking up a project from its initial stage with open brief and take the journey of research, analysis, and ideation with the core team of project managers of our clients. We believe in adding design thinkers in the mix of a company’s core team and create more design-led companies.
Companies hire us for ‘Innovation Projects’. Projects which includes launch of new formats or new marketing concepts interests us. We cater all kinds of communication design form Brand Developing and Brand Building. We have a strong foundation in projects that needs changing consumers perception, re designing an existing brand or redesigning communication, packaging or brand proposition.
We have our own research kit comprising of various cards, tools and methods to add precision to your research. We learn alongside you and create our own briefs based on the need gaps identified. Qualitative research backed with emotional intelligence is the best way to describe what we actually do at the onset. 
At Studio KD, design has evolved beyond tangible assets.Design is not limited to giving shape to products or visualizing product’s communications. The way a product looks, feels, smells and taste emotes experience and therefor we design it with utmost details. We sensorially engineer a product formulation to enhance the experience and believability.
We are trained to be people centric in our approach. We seek to fulfil people’s explicit and latent needs with the products we build. We observe and then create. We take note of minute details before we seek magnitude and impact. We let insights surface before we design. We are design loving in the true sense of the word.
Why Us
We are that one thread that helps you bind and bring concept synergy across your product proposition, branding, formulation, communication.
We believe impact of innovation design can be maximised by Concept binding. We take the journey of research, analysis and designs our own brief and also help teams define formulation and communication briefs and provide a 360 degree approach.
We build brands that in look feel and experience live up to the perceptions and the expectations of the consumer. Every product deserves to be path-breaking in design. Mass or premium it must be very hard to resist.
So we see design as a game changer in brand promotion and selling
We Are Driven
We are driven towards innovation projects with companies seeking to launch a competent brand. Category code tracking, conceptualizing and research all come handy to innovate. Along with that we also rebrand and reposition products and projects. We design sale assets, innovation media and trade visibility media. Our designs are all adaptable for both commercial and digital communication. So if you are a design driven company key to appoint a designer to assist your core team we will be glad to step in and help you build a remarkable brand that will deliver much before it starts to sell. 
Meet Kanchan Dhankani
Kanchan’s life has been a quantum leap within the last few years
starting as keen design student for 8 years to being an exhausted Intern for 2 years to a on the run design consultant to a to a driven design entrepreneur of Studio KD for 5 years.
 In her five year journey as entrepreneur she has set a strong foundation for brands with elaborate branding.
A post graduate from NID Ahemdabad holding a degree in applied arts from Sophia Polytechnic Mumbai she further studied in FHH Hanover, Germany where she intensively learnt impact of design on the subconscious mind.
Branding within the mind space was a subject that needed to be dealt with skill, intelligence and sensitivity.
Her innovation design for HUL’s  ‘Dove Elixir Hair Oil’ won international recognition awarded by “Packaging Of The World’ and preserved her creation in their archives that registered her first design and concept patent. She continued working on innovation initiatives of various companies and formed proprietorship design studio called Studio KD.
With a close knit team of four members she keeps herself busy with brand mentoring, innovation projects, brand identity, promotion and selling.
Kanchan is a huge travel buff, she is culture curious and insists that her growth as a designer is a result of impromptu trips across the world. She collects kettles from every place she visits and someday dreams of building a collectors museum. 
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