Manifesting Goodness of Hair Oil

Like Dove Elixir case study, this project also reinforces the concept of seeing is believing. Here the story is about a different user base that has its own peculiar habits and beliefs regarding hair oiling and its benefits.

This design solution is for consumers who are believers in hair oil and are also inclined towards oiling. They currently belong to the NSHO (Non Sticky Hair Oil) user set. These users have migrated from a traditional oil to a non sticky hair oil format because they wished for a light formula which will be easy to wash off and also provides nourishment of hair oil. Their current habits of oiling are as mentioned below,
-  Apply hair oil 1hr before hair wash
-  Oil hair before going to sleep and keep it over night for it to have better impact - wash in morning before stepping out of house.

They never step out of house with heavily oiled hair. Some users apply little bit of NSHO after hair wash as a handy serum for easy grooming and to manage frizzy hair. They believe in goodness of hair oil but the inconvenience associated with traditional hair oiling practices demotivates them to follow hair oil regime. It was interesting to discover that NSHO is used pre and post wash in different ways to get different benefits.

There is an interesting paradox between the hair oil practices and perception about non sticky hair oil in this set of users. When we asked these users about what is their perception about NSHO, the response was quite surprising - "its definitely not 100% natural because there must be some process that made the oil thin. May be its a mix of oil + something else that diluted it."

This insight shaped the core concept for Vita Oil. We made an non sticky hair oil which was light in viscosity with richness of almonds to overcome the negatives associated NSHO category where people think its a diluted hair oil. Hence it became extremely important to play up the ingredient story to influence costumer's mental model. 

Here ingredient story is portrayed in an interesting way to make it look real.

Clinic Plus Vita Oil came up as a genuine product proposition for the NSHO users. This project narrates how offering almond enriched hair oil in a differentiated packaging elevates user’s experience of hair oiling. Traditionally proven hair oil, is here presented in an enhanced and modern outlook. Integration of Vita Oil sub brand with Clinic Plus projects the enrichment story of this product. 

Vita oil was crafted as a new term for this product that added cues of nourishing with vitamins.

Typically hair oil bottles have a narrow neck and a broad base. The structure of the bottle is a differentiator with reference to the category codes of hair oil industry. Here the form is inverted which has a narrow base as against regular hair oil bottles. It is perceived as a strong factor to create distinction on the retail aisle. 
Visual identity refresh for Vita Oil is closely linked with core product story. The variant name slab has texture of almond on it that subtly hint towards added value in the oil. The primary label on the pack has a visual of an almond on the gumming side. This design intervention cues that the almond is inside the pack. It’s an engaging visual element for the users that indicates the presence of goodness of almond in the pack. 

Clinic Plus Vita Oil strengthens the belief system of users towards hair oiling and offers an enriched and convenient solution for hair care practices. Take a look at the final product and intuitive packaging design.

Use of almond texture in vairiant name slab
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