redesigning of Liril branding and packaging project.... more coming up stay tuned!
Mood board of Liril- some signature actions that are still fresh in mind. The hair flip action and waterfall are the most iconic and refreshing memories of Liril commercials. 
LIRIL Energetic Young and Bold brand. The excitement of diving in water and having fun in waterfall is the first thing that still comes in mind when you think of Liril soap. The brand Image is very BOLD because of the earlier commercial ads featuring Brazilian model in bikini diving in water and having fun solo at a waterfall. FRESHNESS is at core of the brand. 
When we talk about excitement the brand brings... its of high chills and thrill level. One can feel the adrenaline rush seeing the girl diving in the water pool around an exotic and isolated waterfall location. 
expression of excitement, movement in world of visual art is given by strokes around the moving object. We have borrowed the same idea of stroke to indicate movement/ jump/ thrill 
we experimented with expressive typography... to figure how to create Liril logo that almost seems in full action just like the girls jumping in water, imagine each letter to be a person diving.  The overlap of letters indicate front back, letters at different level. The stroke is free moving capturing BINDASS attitude.  The Tilt gives logo a forward and antigravity feel (in air) The shadow is an important part of logo as it helps separate the overlapping letters and improves readability. 
The details of stroke adds character to the letters ... However there is flexibility in the amount of details we use when it comes to different medias. For example on soap impression the stroke details are eliminated. 
Impression of logo on soap bar - This is simplified version of logo
Freshness moodboard .... This is a visual collection of images that express freshness.
The inspiration we used for layout of Front of pack
the iconic waterfall  was taken as an inspiration to create body wash labels designs  
the ingredients were made to look underwater. twisting floating and active.
Just like ice popsicle we elaborated coolness of mint as freezed in ice cubes.
Berry blast variant we have multi berries in action.... The texture of crushed berries was taken as an inspiration to create sensorial experience of the formulation.... this variant has scrubbing graduals. Formulation of Body wash is sensorially designed. There are air micro bubbles in the gel that makes the pack look active and lively ... essence of Liril being young and energetic is captured in formulation colour texture and fragrance. all senses are designed to deliver LIRIL ethos. "FRESHNESS" is brought alive thru every minute detail of this packaging and product design.
Measure of Letter I without its dot is used for measuring clear space around the logo.
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