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“Be the real you” is the new way of life and with St Ives you can discover the real zany hiding inside your thoughtful image. Get ready for some serious fun with 100% natural products coming your way with soothing sensorial experience. The brand embodies a strong persona of whom they are talking to and the product story beautifully translates the conversation between the brand and the user. This brand establishes a close connect with the user and say’s – “Never be dull”. It breathes in progressive spirit with lots of excitement around it. It’s a high-spirited brand, which is also your perfect antidote to dullness. Each day is filled with thrill and St. Ives allows you to own each moment of this ecstasy ride.
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Layers in a plot are inherited with the quality of revealing surprise bit by bit and keeping alive excitement throughout the story. Digital store of St Ives echoes similar experiences for the user. Each layer is content-led and playful at the same time accompained by witty quotes to refresh your experience. It doesn’t fail to surprise you in the entire journey. One such wonder moment is DIY element. It upturns customer engagement. Committement to nature perspective enforces trust factor and authenticity of ingredient story.
Designing for St. Ives was an stimulating experience for thought wave and creative outcome. Let the zaniness grow on you.
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The brand portrays a sense of Zaniness that is closely bonded with genuine spirit of the product offering. This brand essence flows seamlessly in the visual language, which is a vivacious combination of quirky illustration and realistic imagery.
The approach here is to place St. Ives as an unconventional beauty brand. We break from the typical pattern of plot where beauty brands are currently residing in. The brand promises benefits from its natural ingredients with a pinch of wittiness and bunch of smartness around it. The brand is clad with popy colours that throws up surprises to keep alive the flow of joviality and drama throughout the show. Each element is unique in itself yet is in sync with the overall narrative. Lets hear the story.
She is a young lady in age group of 27-35 years who is a great multi tasker and plays several roles at a time. She is experiencing that turning point in her life where each decision is capable of changing great deal for her. She might be in look out for a better job position, thinking about getting married or planning a baby. In midst of all this chaos she knows how to keep alive that “funny me” inside herself. St Ives aims to focus on that little “me moment” she has where no body is watching her and she brings out the zany, crazy self. I see impressions of bold and imaginative Amelie, the famous character played by Audrey Tautou in the film called “Amelie” who wants to bring a positive difference in lives of people around her and spread happiness wherever she can. She has that surprise element to her personality.
Akin to the persona, every product story has its own visual schema and semiotic decoding that can transport your imagination to varied landscapes. Lets look at Mineral Therapy lotion that brings alive the experience of beach scenary and puts together a connect between the user persona and landscape. We can imagine her strolling at the beach barefoot or engrosed in a charismatic yoga pose. She embodies the brand essence in her attitude and brand thrives with the spirit of her personality.
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